Handmade Blue Background 9' x 12' Persian Tabriz

Sale Handmade Blue Background 9' x 12' Persian Tabriz

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Brief History of Anatolian Rugs

Anatolian’ is the label given to rugs from the country known as Turkey, which the Greek and Turks used to call Anatolia. Rugs were made in Turkey as long ago as the twelfth centuries. The earliest patterns were either geometric or composed of highly stylized animal forms, but in time these gave away to richer and more imaginative floral designs.

Anatolian rugs were imported to Europe before Persian carpets. Anatolian rugs had a powerful influence on the design of early European especially Spanish carpets.

The origin of Turkish rugs may often be very difficult to establish, though most rugs come from the two central provinces of Ankara and Konya.

Many Anatolian rugs reveal Persian influence. It is very rare to find Anatolian rugs with displaying men and animals. The dominate colors of Anatolian rugs are red and blue.

Detailed Information
Rug Type Antique
Exact Size 11'9" x 8'1"
Origin Turkish
Design Kayseri
Background Color Blue
Pattern Floral
Material Wool

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  • Rug Type: Antique
  • Exact Size: 11'9" x 8'1"
  • Origin: Turkish
  • Design: Kayseri
  • Background Color: Blue
  • Pattern: Floral
  • Material: Wool
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