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Handmade Floral Sumak Kilim Rug

Handmade Floral Sumak Kilim Rug
Handmade Floral Sumak Kilim Rug
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  • Location: Monterey CA
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Size 6' x 9'
Material Kilim
Shipping Wool

What are Kilims or Kelims or Gelims

The word kilims simply mean flat woven rugs, or rugs without a knotted pile. Kilims are not knotted instead the tread or yearn are woven in flat manner on the warp strings, so they don’t have pile. Unlike hand-knotted rugs kilims have more than just floor covering use.

Kilims are a wonderful way of bringing vibrant colors and patterns to the wall and floors; they possess unusual ability to define spaces, adding warmth and texture.

In countries of origin, making pillows and bugs, hanging on the wall for decoration, using as table-sheets are a few ways to use kilims.