8' X 8' Square Rug Fine Quality Authentic Persian Bijar Rug

SOLD OUT 8' X 8' Square Rug Fine Quality Authentic Persian Bijar Rug

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Thick Pile Persian Bidjar

Bijar  is a city and capital of Bijar County, Kurdistan Province, Iran. At the 2011 census, its population was 47,926, in 14,970 families.[3] Ethnically the population is predominantly Kurdish-speaking Shia Kurds.[4]

With an elevation of 1,940 metres, Bijar has been called the Roof of Iran.[5]

Bijar in the First World War

The term bijar could be a variation of bajar (i.e. city in Kurdish) and the complete name of the city Bijar-e Garrus (city of Garrus, the old name for the province). Among other suggested etymologies for bijar is bid-zar (land of willow tree), which is linguistically unlikely.

Bijar is known internationally for its elegant and ancient carpet and rug designs. 

Bijar has enjoyed fame for its carpets since the Achaemenid era (550–330 BCE). Present day carpets and rugs have 100–200 Turkish knots per inch and are distinguished by their stiff and heavy wool foundation, created by "wet weaving" and beating the threads together with a special metal tool. Bijar carpets are famously stronger and longer-lasting than any others. They are made by Kurdish women in the villages around the town. The loom is set vertically against the side of the house. The designs have strong clear colours and have never been out of fashion with overseas buyers.[9] Nowadays dyes are high quality synthetics.

The motifs are mainly floral adaptations of classical Persian designs. Herati and boteh motifs are common, as are central medallions and sometimes representations of animals and willows. These are set against a dark background of blue, red or green. In relation to the size of the carpet, borders are small, with up to eight bands

Detailed Information
Rug Type Semi Antique
Exact Size 8'3" x 8'4"
Age 2000
Pattern Floral
Material Wool
Height of pile (thickness) High

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  • Product Code: 8x8-Bidjar
  • Rug Type: Semi Antique
  • Exact Size: 8'3" x 8'4"
  • Age: 2000
  • Pattern: Floral
  • Material: Wool
  • Height of pile (thickness): High
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