Wide Hall Runner Antique Persian Malayer Rug

SOLD OUT Wide Hall Runner Antique Persian Malayer Rug

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Brief history of Malayer rugs

Malayer rugs are woven in the town of Malayer and its surrounding villages. Malayer is located in the northwestern province of Hamadan in Persia. The pattern of Malayer rugs is mainly geometric. The designs consist of all-over boteh, all-over herati, zel-i-sultan, diamond or hexagon shape medallions, and multi-sided vertically connected medallions. These rugs are usually decorated with small motifs. The medallions often have boteh or herati filler motifs and the background of the rug is decorated with herati or boteh motifs. Sometimes the medallion is filled with herati and the background with boteh or vice versa.

Malayer rugs are rarely woven larger than 4'x 7'. Both the asymmetrical (Persian) and symmetrical (Turkish) knot are used depending on the area. The foundation is cotton, and the weft strands are frequently dyed in blue.

Detailed Information
Rug Type Antique
Exact Size 13'6" x 7'
Origin Persian
Design Malayer
Background Color Red
Age 1920's
Material Wool

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  • Rug Type: Antique
  • Exact Size: 13'6" x 7'
  • Origin: Persian
  • Design: Malayer
  • Background Color: Red
  • Age: 1920's
  • Material: Wool
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