Antique Persian Bakhtiari Circa 1930's 10 Ft. Long Wide Rug.

Sale SOLD OUT Antique Persian Bakhtiari Circa 1930's 10 Ft. Long Wide Rug.

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4' 4" X 10'

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100% Wool


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This is a beautiful handmade Persian Bakhtyari circa 1950's’s. it measures about 4' 4" X 10'  It is in very good shape, it has no holes no worn out spot no weak foundation. If you need a rug to cover your floor take a lot of beating still last for years to come AND beautify your home this is the right rug for you.

Brief History of Bakhtiari Rugs
Located in the southwest of Isfahan, Bakhtiari is in the Zagros Mountains.  This provides an inspirational environment for the making and designing of rugs and carpets.  The word Bakhtiari is composed to two small words; Bakht (luck) and yar (companion).  This originates from when the Iranians first migrated into this region; considering themselves lucky to find these vast lands, they called their region Batch-yar.

The settlers did what was most common in these days and created hand woven oriental rugs and carpets to offer and distribute to the world market that was continually growing.  The majority of Bakhtiari rugs are hand knotted in smaller surrounding settlements such as Saman, Chehel Shotor and Shalamzar.

Patterns and Designs of the Bakhtiari Rugs

Many of the scenes originate back to the 18th century, when the Khans started to make many great palaces and mansions.  Surrounding these large buildings in the Chahar Mahal valley where courtyards and gardens that were considered a symbol of status and pride.  Carrying this symbol, these beautiful gardens gave the weavers an idea that became a significant theme in the history of rug manufacturing.

Many of the patterns and scenes that date back to the 18th century are still an important base for all the handmade Bakhtiari rugs in these regions.  As well as the themes that stayed fairly constant over the years, the knotting styles are still continuing to show in the majority of floor coverings that are exported from Iran.

Detailed Information
Exact Size 4' 4" X 10'
Origin Persian
Design Bakhtiari
Age 1930's
Pattern Geometric
Material Wool

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  • Exact Size: 4' 4" X 10'
  • Origin: Persian
  • Design: Bakhtiari
  • Age: 1930's
  • Pattern: Geometric
  • Material: Wool
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