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3' x 5' Rugs

Brand: ANTIQUE RUGS Model: 4050
Brief history of Hamadan RugsDating back to the second millennium BC and located in northwest Persia among the rugged mountains, Hamadan is the second oldest city on Persia.  Hamadan and a number of its surrounding cities make up a large portion of the Oriental rug and carpet industry in P..
Brand: ANTIQUE RUGS Model: 3871
Brief History of Lilihan rugs although a wide range of carpet and mat sizes are produced, the most common sizes found are 4 x 6 to 8 x 10 feet. The use of a longer pile traditionally appealed to Americans. The Lilihan rugs are executed using the Hamadan (single-weft) weave, typically this mea..
Brand: ANTIQUE RUGS Model: 4059
Brief history of Beluch rugsWell made rugs, produced in a wide variety of designs, that consistently combine tribal authenticity with a delightful, if somewhat primitive, decorative charm.  The Belouch, or Baluchi, are a large tribal grouping who roam the vast border region between eastern Pers..
Brand: ANTIQUE RUGS Model: 3665
History of Caucasian rugsCaucasian rugs come from mountains region between the Black Sea and Caspian Sea.In 1813 it was conquered by Russians before it belonged to Persia.In the course of time many different people have settled in the caucuses; Turkoman tribe from Central Asia, Turks, Persians a..
Brand: ANTIQUE RUGS Model: 4267
Brief history of Kurdish rugsKurdish rugs are rugs woven by the Kurdish people in Middle East, predominantly the larger Kurdistan region including the Eastern part of Turkey near the Tauros Mountains, Iraq, southernmost Caucasus, Soviet Armenia and North-Western Persia.1 When referring to Ku..
Brand: ANTIQUE RUGS Model: 1-ae-tabriz
History of Tabriz rugs.A Tabriz rug/carpet is a type in the general category of Persian carpet from the city of Tabriz, one of the major cities of Iran Islamic Republic, and the capital city of East Azarbaijan Province of Iran. Majority of its population are Turkic speaking Azerbaijanis. It is o..
Persian Rug Antique from Early 1900's Persian Hamadan Lilihan Persian Rug Antique from Early 1900's Persian Hamadan Lilihan
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Brand: ANTIQUE RUGS Model: 7670
A beautiful Persian Lilhan circa 1900’s. this rug is in great shape for its age has no repairs no stains even low pile. Little crooked please see picturesPlease examine all photos for true colors as colors change from side to side, one side (smooth side) of the rug is always lighter than t..
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