12' X 13' Vintage Black & Blue One of a kind Antique Chinese Rug

-53% 12' X 13' Vintage Black & Blue One of a kind Antique Chinese Rug

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Chinese rugs

Chinese rugs-making is concentrated mainly in Peking, Shanghai, Tsingtao and Tientsin area. Chinese rugs come from factory like workshops with Senneh knots on strong cotton foundation. Chinese rugs usually have deep woolen pile. Chinese wool is very hard-wearing, therefore suitable for area rugs.

Most Chinese rugs are clipped in low relief. Rugs of this type are made in various colors, blue is the most common but rose, yellow, and beige are also used extensively. Often designs are constructed round a medallion. Most Chinese motifs are symbolic rather than decorative. A common motif which comes in form of a medallion or a border component is the Shou character, which symbolizes long life. The Fu character, which is less common, means good luck. Instead of the Fu character, bats are frequently used to symbolize good luck. The following are a few more common Chinese motifs and their meanings although many more exist

Detailed Information
Rug Type Antique
Exact Size 11'4" X 12'9"
Origin Chinese
Design Art Deco
Background Color Black
Age Pre-1900
Pattern Floral
Material Wool
Height of pile (thickness) High

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  • Product Code: 4095
  • Rug Type: Antique
  • Exact Size: 11'4" X 12'9"
  • Origin: Chinese
  • Design: Art Deco
  • Background Color: Black
  • Age: Pre-1900
  • Pattern: Floral
  • Material: Wool
  • Height of pile (thickness): High
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